Hey! I'm

Tiff Ng

a social storyteller, working from anywhere.



I am passionate about empowering people and brands to tell their stories in meaningful and creative ways. 


I believe digital technology has allowed us to find innovative ways to connect with the desired audience and provide them with greater value that can inspire them to think differently and ultimately, act. 


Since quitting my job in 2017 to work remotely and travel, I've collected a lot of stories - from the places I've been to the changes I've gone through and observations I have about this changing world we live in. I hope that by sharing my story, you may feel inspired to take the leap and realise that we are all on the wrong way together. 



What I do


Social Storytelling

I tell your stories on #socialmedia.

With 4 years experience, primarily in agency, creating and implementing social media strategies, I can help your brand connect with the right audience with the right #content, #paidmedia and #influencers. 



I share my stories here and beyond.

This is the story of me, the good, the bad, the crazy, the relatable. I'm a digital nomad, boss ass bitch, wanderer and so much more. This is the melting point of all it means to be @anytiffng. Oh and check out my published work.



I make new stories in new countries.

Since leaving my full-time job in September 2017, I've been adventuring across Southeast Asia and Europe. This solo, female, remote-working, wandering nomad is showing no signs of slowing down. So you better jump on board.


What's the latest?

Current Location: Sydney


Want more?


If our paths are crossing somewhere in the world, let me know and let's grab a drink!
Or do as everyone else does and just stalk me on my socials.