The Selfish Reasons Why I Love to Travel


There are endless cliches that I can reference to prove why travel is the best thing money can buy. But what else could I offer that isn't covered by #wanderlust quotes on Insta or even science.

Yes, I love to travel. My love to travel is a definitive part of who I am. This innate hunger to drop the life I know and wander into the unknown is deep and visceral; something I'm slowly beginning to understand. I blame it on "Travel Tiff" - this worldly, aspirational version of myself for which I crave every time I leave these shores.

But more than that, she encompasses three essential truths about travel.


1. Freedom, in every sense of the word. 

There's nothing like the wind rushing through your fingers as you drive down the open road; of getting lost in an unknown city without fear; or defying TLC to just chase some bloody waterfalls. That's pure freedom.

But travel leaves you uninhibited; free from who others think you are or expect you to be. But more importantly, free from the social, familial and personal pressures that command me to commit myself to study or to climb the corporate ladder or balance the endless balls of everything a millennial is expected to do and have.

2. It eradicates the fear of the ordinary.

There's never anything ordinary about seeing the world. Rather, the very spirit of adventure is anything but ordinary. Who wouldn't want that?

The thing that frightens me most is ordinary. I am scared that I will settle for a life that I did not want. I'm scared of getting stuck in a rut. Travelling takes me away from these fears; not only dispenses them but makes me forget them.

Travel brings out a self-confidence and happiness I have not been able to replicate otherwise. And for that, somehow, she's anything but ordinary.


3. Travel changes you - every time. 

They say that travel changes you. But what they forget to mention, is that this happens every single time. It's not about going once on a great holiday and catching the travel bug and that's it. The  beauty of travel is that each time I'm discovering something new - not only in my unfamiliar surroundings but in myself.

I'm not done finding out who Travel Tiff is or how she marries up to who I am. Safe to say,  I'm ready for the next adventure. Just watch this space.