I'm only a week into this Nomad MBA experience and I have a creeping suspicion that it will be a while before I see Australian beaches.

While living at home, my mum loved to message me the simple "Home soon?" every night I was out late. It frustrated me that I could not even be trusted with getting home; of constantly being reminded that I was seen as a child, a dependent, someone who was not in charge of their life.

But now, I'm sure that I'm forging a path that could define my future. So no, the child my mum needs to take care of will not be coming home. Though Tiff might not be either.


I think I understand why this lifestyle looks so attractive; why it lures people away from what we see as normal 9-5 jobs. I see how one month turns into ten; a leap of faith becomes a way of life. And with such a small time spent here thus far, I'm already losing myself to it.

I am surrounded by some of the most motivated and passionate people I've ever met. Every person in our tribe or that I've met at Dojo Bali have fully committed to the life of a digital nomad. From the culture of co0working and collaboration to pursuing passion projects that are born out of the digital world in which we now live, it is easy to see how this should be the future of working.

We're in the age that passion, values and career should all align. But our institutions and the ways of thinking that the people in powerful positions have do not allow us for this. Our parents, our bosses, our elders all expect us to go up the same old education system and climb the corporate ladder. And yet, they'll encourage you to forge new paths and discover that next technology. It's what brews a generation of people who just quit their corporate jobs and find the shores of Bali. It's what I'm doing here.


I've never felt more supercharged and ready for whatever is coming next. I haven't quite figured out what it is but I am inspired by the people around me to ensure that it is something that makes my soul come alive; something that is exactly what I'd been searching for on my way here. This place, these people, this freedom was just the thing that needed to push me to find it.


It's hard to comprehend that not two weeks ago I was chained to my desk without even realising that the sun had set. And now, I've embraced the life of morning yoga, vegan smoothies by the pool and sunset chasing every day.


I definitely haven't shaken off my 'past life' yet. I still feel the weird emptiness of an empty email inbox and have to refresh it just in case it's a network issue. I'm still checking in on previous campaigns or content I'd scheduled before I left.

But in the same instance, I couldn't imagine going back to that life right now.