Introducing @anytiffng


I’m having a bit of an identity crisis.

It’s a strange time for one as I’ve never spoken about myself more. While travelling, I find myself constantly retelling my story, getting briefer and briefer each time.

Where are you from? I’m Australian.
But why the face? My parents are from Hong Kong.
What are you doing here? Just quit my job to puruse the Nomad MBA. Trying out the whole digital nomad thing.
Where are you going? First stop was Bali, then Thailand, then Vietnam then who knows?

It goes on and on and on. My life story suddenly compounded into a few quick exchanges but also so superficial, unrepresentative of all that has being going on that has now led me to this point. 

But this isn’t something particularly new. The question "who are you" has always stumped me. Mainly because no one asks that question wanting to hear your story from the very beginning. But to only give highlights, you are resigned to the superficial tropes of where you’re from and what do you do for work. 

And then again, finding my identity through work was always problematic for me anyways. 

Firstly, I always felt that a profession like social media marketing carried an air of judgement or rather, misjudgement. I’d often say I was merely in marketing or even downplay my work and say that I was being paid to sit on Facebook all day. It was difficult for people to see social media as a legitimate career, and moreover one that could be demanding and hard and valuable.

Secondly, it scared me how much it was true - that I was getting to a point where all my stories were about work or work friends because outside of work all I was doing was netflixing and sleeping. 

So, when you take away that and what or rather, who am I left with? 

I had always left that question open. With no flight ticket let alone a single clue as to where I’d go next, I wanted to see where this experience would take me in so much more than the physical sense.  Hitting the halfway point with the Nomad MBA has left a lot of time to think about this experience and what it means moving forward. And with figuring it out, it means we’ve also got to start acting on it.

Yes I may have taken the first step to accept digital nomad into my identity, and LinkedIn profile. I’ve started taking meetings, jobs, embracing this nomadic life Chiang Mai has come to foster. But what does that even mean? And doesn’t that just redefine me in yet another profession?

This isn’t just about a change in scenery or a change in job title. This is a new way of life I wast for myself that is defined by my passions, my prerogative and self care and consciousness taking precedence.  It’s a lot of needs and visions to reconcile with something that could fit into a short I ntro about myself or even a social media bio.

So we go back to, who am I? 

Well, the simple answer is I’m just me. 

Some say I’m high energy or crazy. Other times I’m glittertits or three bucket Tiff. I’ll let you give me whatever nickname you want for me because even my name - including my "unpronounceable" last name does not define who I am. I’m a traveller, writer, an activist, I work in social media. I’m a nomad, a world citizen but still proudly Australian and even proud to be of Hong Kong descent. I might even become an entrepreneur

That seems like a lot of assertive statements declaring who I am. So what identity crisis? 

Maybe it’s just fear or the indecision. Maybe it’s just growing pains. After all, we all came here to find ourselves right? And maybe ourselves isn’t just one singular thing, but all these crazy touch points that make up who we are. 

It is why I’m relaunching my site. I’m sill working out the kinks because I definitely know I’m no web developer. But watch this space - cool things to come.