I didn't know what to expect from Belgrade. It was my first foray into Eastern Europe. I barely knew anything about the city, the country, its history. Unlike many European cities, my Instagram feed was not filled with picturesque streets or must see skylines.

Arriving here, I kind of understood why.


There's a unique charm about Belgrade that's not immediately obvious.


Unlike the colourful terraces of Notting Hill or the picturesque balconies in Spain, Belgrade is a city of contradictions, particularly in its architecture.

From its graffiti-ridden Brutalist buildings to homages to its European heritage, It's got the peacefulness and stillness of the lake-side, it's got the bustle of the city. It's got mountainous regions along with underground caves and raves to explore. 

I think that's why I loved sunset here so much - because no matter what everything looked like, there was something so democratising-ly beautiful about being drenched in the purples and pinks of a sunset. 


In truth, yeah, Belgrade took quite a while to grow on me.


The unfamiliarity of the whole place was particularly unsettling. It felt like I had no frame of reference. I had no friends; no idea of where to start meeting people.

There were particular things I wanted to do here but they were not solo activities - day trips, festivals, clubbing even. I mean, I'm pretty good at being alone most of the time but those are definitely experiences to be shared. 


But as I went into my last week, I found myself a little wistful.


Because despite all of that, I did find a way to feel at home; and I think that's mainly because I feel more at home with me and what I'm doing. I've come a bloody long way. 

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So in an attempt to capture the essence of Belgrade, I started taking a lot of videos. The streets, the views, the random things I was encountering on a daily basis and made up my impressions of this city - I cut it all together in a short, amateur iMovie creation. 



Special thanks to Behere for setting me up in Belgrade, Nina for being the best city host a girl could ask for, the staff at my workspace, Impact Hub and all the wonderfully hospitable people I met in Belgrade.