We Are the Stories We Tell Ourselves



Social media should be a place where people feel empowered to express ourselves with meaningful stories.

It has the possibility to help change our worldviews and connect us across constructed and imagined boundaries. It has the ability to shine a light on and encourage better, richer, more diverse stories. This is the platform that facilitates important discourses about representation and identity such as #NotYourAsianSidekick or #MeToo. It's opened up channels of communication to question institutions and challenge power, leading to new revolutions like the Arab Spring or Occupy.

But like any marketplace, social is slowly turning into a power institution itself. The monopolisation of platforms from Facebook and the increasing commercialisation of news feeds means that social media has become merely the new billboard.

So how do we return the power of social back to the user - to champion the tools that make it a meaningful change agent and disempower the noise and ads and fake news?

Through storytelling. 

Storytelling has always been a powerful tool in which people share parts of themselves as they too craft themselves through doing it. The ways in which one tells a story, highlighting the bits that made them smile or meant something, or slowly changing the stories as memory fades reveals a lot about a person and the things that make up who they are.

Why can't the internet help us out here? 

We spend all our time curating ourselves on the internet - with the perfect news feed or Instagram grid. But what if it could help us to return back to the fundamental things that storytelling help us to see? To reflect back to us what we are inadvertently showing. Digital technology is smart and advanced and spots patterns like we're unable to. Let's use it not to target ads better or build more functionalities every other platform is using. Let's use it to help reveal who we are in ways that can surprise, challenge and help us.

Let's build an online space based on storytelling, not profiles. One that empowers you to express yourself in authentic ways. One that helps you to connect in more meaningful ways. 

I want to inject quality storytelling back into the social medium to not only generate rich, more diverse content but enable users to do it themselves.

After all, we are the stories we tell ourselves. So why not tell them well on social?

Interested? Let me know.