Social Storytelling



I help brands tell their unique stories in creative ways to build meaningful and engaging relationships with their audience. 


After working for 5+ years in social and content, I realised something was still lacking in how we used both strategically.  We were still struggling to understand social's role in the marketing landscape and we were retrofitting it into old frameworks. 

But we need to accept that social media has been disruptive; and consumers have made it into what it is. 

Social media allows us unprecedented opportunities to use storytelling strategically to build engagement and brand trust with an audience on a mass scale. Looking at your social media platforms as storytelling tools means you can have a better view of who your brand is and how social media can enhance that. It means you achieve a long-term vision for you brand that is, most importantly, adaptable to the ever-changing social media landscape. 


So how can brands stay relevant? 

By going back to basics - not just of marketing; but of communication. 

- Strip away what we think about social media -

- Meet consumers on their level and have a conversation -

- Restore the principles of storytelling to brand communication -

In short, social storytelling. 


How does it work?


1. What is your story?

What do I offer to the conversation is having and why should they care about what I have to say? 

This isn't just about your own product and value proposition. Develop a social story that makes sense for both you and your audience. 


2. How Will They Hear It? 

Building a platform strategy can help meet different objectives and reach different audiences while still maintaining the brand consistency of your original story. 

Moreover, how can you use paid media or influencers to help distribute your message further?


3. How do they stay engaged?

Building a relationship with an audience is the first step but engaging them in a way that can turn them into customers and advocates require a content strategy and community management. 


Who am I? 


I'm a social media manager and content writer, originally from Australia. 

I've worked 4+ years in public relations and creative agencies to develop and deliver social strategies for brands including Microsoft, Activision, Fetch TV and Lavazza. During this time, I developed my expertise in paid media, influencer strategy and community management. Working end-to-end on strategies and campaigns means I am able to easily move from big-picture strategy to hands-on execution. 

I believe that if we marry data-driven and audience-first content and a multi-faceted distribution plan with the flexibility and creativity, we can achieve great results on social, every time. 


Tiff Ng


Want to see how social storytelling can work for your brand? 


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